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Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Join Lauren Scruggs as she reveals the story of the Still LoLo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family's Journey of Hope - Kindle edition by Lauren Scruggs, Bethany Hamilton, Marcus Jeff and Cheryl are the founders of Hope Matters Marriage Ministries in Dallas.
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For fashion journalist Lauren "LoLo" Scruggs, a short flight to look at Christmas lights turned into a nightmare when she was struck by the plane's spinning propeller blades. As Lauren was rushed to the hospital, fighting for her life, the world watched in shock and horror. Several major surgeries and thousands of prayers later, Lauren was still alive. But she had suffered brain trauma and lost her left hand and left eye.

Some thought that this would be the end of everything for her, a beautiful young woman working in an industry focused completely on appearance. They were wrong. In Still LoLo, Lauren reveals what really happened that night, how she survived against all odds, and what her life is like today. She is unflinchingly honest in the face of difficult questions: What kind of future will I have?

Jun 27, Johanna rated it it was amazing. The blurb reads like this: In Still Lolo, Lauren reveals what really happened that night, how she survived against all odds, and what her life is like today. Will anyone be able to love me now? It permits us to also see what events shaped her life and personality, allowing her to establish a strong and firm relationship with Christ, who proved to be the source of power and strength in her journey for recovery. These moments also demonstrate that in reality everyone is human, no matter their struggles or popularity.

Lauren Scruggs is the perfect example of this for her questions after the accident are ones everyone faces, no matter their situations. The added dimension brought by this story is that the whole Scruggs family voiced their side of the story, adding a wider scope to the story line. What I love most about this book is the biblical encouragement brought across.

I found this message really reassuring because it is so easy to forget that God is amidst our struggles for we feel lost and alone. When in reality all we need to do is cry out for help where we will then be comforted. All that is required is faith. All we have to do is submit it and live for God. It may not be the way we expected, but the fact that God blessed us is what counts. One of the major messages conveyed was that no matter what life may throw our way, we are to live strong and persevere and the fact that God is on our side should give us that added boost of strength.

Lauren has decided to continue living positively and through this decision has not only impacted her family, but also those touched by her story, encouraging them, as well as giving them a new outlook on life. I would highly recommend this book to those young adults and older.

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Whether you personally have experienced similar events to that of Lauren or not, the book is for you due to the encouragement it provides in strengthening your walk with Christ. All opinions are strictly my own. May 20, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: biography , family , inspiration. One of the very few books I have read which I would like to give a rating above 5 stars. This book really connected with me. Lauren and her twin sister, their parents, and friends are down-to-earth people who I was going to say "open their hearts" They do not hide their feelings or attempt to make themselves appear better than they are.

They admit their pain and tears and concerns about the future, both f One of the very few books I have read which I would like to give a rating above 5 stars. They admit their pain and tears and concerns about the future, both for Lauren and for her overwhelming medical bills. But they also laugh and love all the way through this difficult chapter of their lives. And they keep their faith, which sustains them. It is inspiring the way that Lauren talks about the trauma of seeing her body and its scars with loss of an eye and hand, the emotional pain of going out in public with a prosthetic arm and eye, the frustration of learning over again how to do everything with one hand, and the constant pain.

It is inspiring because Lauren shows how she overcomes each of these problems and rebuilds her life successfully. And I am amazed at today's medical technology that can keep a person alive, rebuild a skull and face, create a prosthetic eye that can be trained to move with the muscles of the face, and make prosthetic hands with different functions.

In fact, Lauren can probably do more with her prosthetic hands than you can, including moving one by controlling impulses in her arm. Fifty years ago, she would have been dead or hidden inside a home unable to work or socialize instead of being an inspiration to the world. However, there are 2 comments that I would like to make that might affect readers of the book.

I read for recreation and for learning. I read other people's reviews in order to learn from their viewpoints. I never attempt to write a literary review. I do not read to find great literature, although I enjoy it when I find it. So the rest of this review might not be relevant to most of you.

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But if you know someone who suffers from phantom limb pain, it would be nice to know that a solution exists for some of these situations. And if you are afraid that this book will be too "preachy" and you are turned off by people pushing their religion on you, this book is not like this. The Scruggs family is supported by a deep faith in God. Their faith gives them strength. But they do not preach or try to persuade others to think like them. There is no message of salvation at the end of the book, or anything else like that. But you cannot understand how they survived this ordeal without realizing the effect of their loving church community and their close relationship with God.

I was concerned because of the terrible pain that Lauren went through with the loss of her hand. She continued to feel the horrible pain of the fingers of her missing hand and asked people to uncurl her fingers. Loving family and attendants tried to make her realize that she could not be feeling pain in her fingers because they were not there. However, this is incorrect, and I wish that the necessary therapists would have been there to help her through this. Phantom limb pain occurs because at the time of trauma, the pain and even the position of the limb before it is finally severed, are seared into the memory.

These can only be removed by subsequent moving of the limb, or in this case, fingers. But they no longer exist, so they cannot be moved. However, in the remarkable way in which the body is created, trigger points on one side of the body activate the other side. It is possible to press trigger points on the right side and remove the pain from the left side. It may be difficult to understand, but the physical body has an energy field created probably by the DNA and this energy field remains even if a body part has been removed.

So the energy field remains around curled damaged fingers in pain. But this energy field can be restored to the original shape with the right kind of trigger point therapy. I have also heard about people with a missing hand having this phantom pain removed by making the body believe that the hand is now back. This is done by using mirrors in which the patient sees the reflection of the right hand in the mirror and the brain receives this image as if it was a restored left hand.

Normal patterns are restored and the pain is gone. The brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. It is a simple treatment that works for many but not all people with phantom limb pain. With regard to religion, I do have one concern with the effect of this story on readers. I want to state that this is my opinion only. But I am concerned because this family asks why God allowed this accident to happen and states that there are some things that we might never know. They seem to suggest that God was responsible and that He could have stopped it.

I admire someone who believes that God would allow it if He had the power to stop it and still manages to love God. I don't think I could love anyone, God or a human, who would stand by and watch me have an accident like that and not stop it if He had the power. Would you, as a loving parent, stand by and let your child be hit by a plane prop if you could help it?

I don't think that God would either. Nowhere in the Bible is Jesus ever recorded as doing harm to anyone. He left people restored and better than when He first met them. Letting a child be hit by a plane prop does not seem to me to be doing the works of God. And yet the answer is so simple. You might give your car to someone. After you give up possession of it, you are no longer legally able to stop him from using it however he wants, going wherever he wants, driving how he wants. If he gets in an accident, is it your fault?

You couldn't have stopped him even if you wanted to. God gave us free will. After He gave us free will, He could not intervene against our free will because then our will would no longer be free. You might say that you "allowed" the person to whom you gave the car to be in an accident But I don't think that would stand up in court. You are not responsible for the accident. So, in my opinion, God is not responsible for this accident and He did not allow it. He gave us free will. Lauren knew that God was telling her not to go to New York, but she did, and everything went really bad, even to almost costing her life through serious illness.

And when she was in the plane that night, she had a real feeling of foreboding. God probably warned her not to get on the plane and she missed the message.

I don't want to minimize the amazing faith and love of the Scruggs for each other and for God. But I do not want someone who does not know God to read this part of the book and go away thinking that they would never want to know a God who "plans" this tragedy for someone in order to teach him something. That would be enough for someone to withdraw from God before they even got to know Him.


Still Lolo

Would you do that to your child to teach him something? Or would you plan your child's life around a horrible tragedy like this? I think you would throw yourself between your child and the plane prop before you would allow that to happen. And you are a person. God is God. He loves us more than we can ever love our children.

However, as I said, this is only my opinion. Some people might relate to what I say and others might disagree. I am writing this not for every reader but only for those few individuals who might be troubled by this part of the book. If you are not troubled by it, then what I have said here is not relevant to you. This book is not perfect, but it is so exceptionally written that it is inspiring.

You cannot look at the modeling photos of Lauren with scars on her face and a prosthetic eye and limb without feeling deeply that this is a person whose message is "I am still me. Only better. View 2 comments. Jul 01, Denise rated it liked it. I had heard about Lauren Scruggs in the media and was interested in reading the whole story about what had happened to her, so I chose this book. In December , she took a short plane ride to look at Christmas lights over Texas and walked into the propeller blades while disembarking the plane. Several surgeries followed, and she miraculously survived, mostly intact.

Still Lolo skips back and forth between Lauren, her twin, her dad, and her mom.

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It details her childhood, her parent's marriage troubles, her life as a young adult, and of course, the accident and recovery period. I have to be honest about this book, but I'll detail the parts I liked about it first. This book was a very quick read I read it in about 24 hours , definitely a page turner since it kept flipping perspectives, you wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next , and very interesting.

Honestly, the most compelling part to me was about the homeless man her dad picked up who wrote the amazing predictions about their lives. I found that the most touching and interesting part of the entire book. I really enjoyed reading the portions about her parent's marriage struggles, divorce, and remarriage. I really want to read their book now. However, this book definitely had some issues. A major one for me was that the family seems to be at a high income level huge houses, expensive neighborhoods, designer clothes, vacations, expensive colleges, etc.

I absolutely cannot relate to this and it kind of put me off. Then towards the end of the book, I was shocked at her dad saying how he barely makes any money and they couldn't afford her medical bills - while Lauren's buying new designer clothes, getting her nails done, getting hair extensions, and going on a vacation. Definitely kind of a turn off.

Then there's the issue that Lauren seems to be absolutely obsessed with her looks - clothes, hair, makeup, nails, you name it. It seems at odds with Christianity to be so obsessed over physical appearance. Now, the book does address this and says that she began counseling with a Christian program and some different things and is learning to let some of this go. However, it seemed a bit odd and I had trouble relating with portions of the book.

Overall, it was definitely interesting and exciting to read. I'm sure some people will be able to relate with it more than others, though. It was worth reading for the meatier portions.

Still LoLo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family's Journey of Hope

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Jun 09, Cenline rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , biography , tyndale-summer-reading When fashion journalist Lauren Scruggs lost her eye and her lower left arm in a prop-strike, her accident and recovery process made national news. This book is her story, told by herself, her twin sister, her parents, and polished by a co-biographer.

Lauren's story is inspirational to say the least. Her strong faith and positive attitude are great encouragement. The behind the scenes look at what is necessary to become a fashion journalist is intriguing. Similar to Bethany Hamilton of Soul Surfer When fashion journalist Lauren Scruggs lost her eye and her lower left arm in a prop-strike, her accident and recovery process made national news. Similar to Bethany Hamilton of Soul Surfer who wrote the introduction , I think Lolo has great potential to become a positive role model for young women.

The only place I found this book to be lacking was in the actual narration, and it wasn't severely lacking, just enough to annoy me. Portions of the writing felt emotionally flat; not entirely unexpected coming from someone who has been through something extremely traumatic Lauren even briefly and indirectly addresses the issue , but slightly dissappointing from the standpoint that Lauren used to be a descriptive writer for fashion week.

Also, the narrative comes across disjointed. We jump back and forth between Lauren's accident, present, childhood, career, and recovery as the different narrators Lauren, parents, sister each have their say. For me, the splitting point where we left one time period and moved to another didn't always make sense.

The book has the sense of a family sitting around a kitchen table telling a story together, which I'm sure is what is intended. I can't think of a more pleasant way to learn family history than with everyone chiming in together when I'm there in person and it's my family, but in the book, it sometimes feels like people might be talking over each other, or telling multiple stories at the same time. Lauren survived a propeller strike and Lauren's family survived her propeller strike. Both stories are worth telling, and both could even be put into the same book.

I just wish it had been done a little more coherently. Finally, the book ended rather suddenly. There isn't much of a where-do-we-go-from-here. I'm not sure the authors know. They include an epilogue to update the book, but beyond saying that everyone is still doing fine, we are left with very little. There are lots of loose ends in the "plot" which are left hanging.

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Real life is messy, far messier than a modestly sized memoir can convey. But again, it doesn't make for the best read. Small gripes. Not enough to prevent me from recommending the book as an uplifting read, just enough for me to round my 3. Oct 24, Brooke Barenfanger rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-on-blog.

Still Lolo tells the story of the life of a beautiful, vibrant woman who met with horrible tragedy. After taking a plane ride, Lauren Scruggs gets off the plane and walks into the propeller. In one moment, her life is altered. She loses an eye as well as her hand in the accident. How will she ever rise above this devastating and life-changing event? This is not my normal reading. I normally read fiction, but I was intrigued by the title and the synopsis of this book. I never felt bored with it. It kept my attention all the way through. That in itself was a miracle.

This book is filled with miracles. Reading it, I was very thankful that I have both my arms and legs. Learning to live without a limb would be extremely difficult, but Lauren Scruggs managed to learn and survive to tell her story. One thing that I thought really moved the story along was how it was written. Different perspectives and different writing styles kept me intrigued and entertained.

I really liked the pictures in the book as well. They helped me to relate more so to Lauren and her family. Everything in the book was well-written. I also really liked how the book skipped from the accident to the past. Reading Still Lolo will make you thankful for what you have and make you wonder if you could handle something as tragic as Lauren Scruggs did. After the accident, her life was different. But it was just as full—if not more full—than before. I wanted Lauren to find the love of her life in the end and marry him. She shone forth with the light and love of Jesus in the end.

And that is the testimony that every true Christian woman should have. I give Still Lolo a 4. Nov 21, Nadine Thangluai rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone. I still vividly remember the news story from December 3, Lauren Scruggs had just landed with a girlfriend after viewing Christmas lights from above in a small prop plane piloted by a family friend.

The young communications graduate, who had started a fashion website called Lolo and had worked in the wardrobe department of the TV show "Gossip Girl," is thought to have turned to say a final goodbye to the pilot when the horrible accident occurred. She was rushed to a hospital where she underwent a series of emergency operations. She lost her left hand and left eye. Far from dwelling on the horror of this face-changing accident, she writes about its life-changing spiritual implications.

She had interviewed tons of gorgeous celebrities and traveled to Paris, Montreal, and New York to report on Fashion Week. The accident has transformed the way Lauren sees herself and her God-given mission in life. She realizes that there are more important things in her life than the way she looks. Lauren's courage and insight shines through out in her memoir. Each family member shared their own take of the night's events and how hope triumphed. The book and the story of the Scruggs family, most importantly that of Lauren Scruggs, is a clear demonstration that even when we despair and find ourselves helpless God is not helpless even among the ruins of life.

Still Lolo - Lauren Scruggs - Tyndale House Publishers

Nov 24, Sarah Bailey rated it it was amazing Shelves: autobiography , christian-true-life , review-books , christian-non-fiction , tyndale , inspirational. Enter the book, Still Lolo, which I have had the chance to devour review through Tyndale — and now I feel like I know so much more than what the news had been reporting for days after.

She set the record straight on what happened that night — including the fact that she was not nor has she ever been a supermodel. Nov 26, Shelby rated it it was amazing. It was this accident that caused Lauren to lose her hand, her eye, and nearly her life. As you can imagine, the whole ordeal was both physically and emotionally draining. Yet, throughout it all, their faith and confidence in the Lord held them together and gave them hope.

As you can imagine, for Lauren, life after the accident required many adjustments. As a fashion journalist, you can imagine Lauren was very conscious of her appearance. However, the Lord brought Lauren to the realization that she was still beautiful, that she could still be loved, and that he still had a plan for her. This is a lesson that all young ladies need to learn at one point or another.

I was quickly drawn into this book. I found it to be inspiring, encouraging and eye-opening. I highly recommend this book to you!! Note: I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. However, my opinions are my own. Nov 19, Richetta rated it it was amazing. By the title one could only assume that it will be a woe is me but God is good book. To my pleasant surprise it is very much the opposite! The book is written where the members of the family are able to give their point of view of the events that bring them to where the Still Lolo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family's Journey of Hope is the title of my latest read!

The book is written where the members of the family are able to give their point of view of the events that bring them to where they are today, stronger and still LOLO.

Still LoLo - Digital Library of Illinois - OverDrive

Even though the books main focus is the accident, what I felt the most meaningful message in this book is a story of reconciliation forgiveness and answered prayers. It mirrors a real life fairytale that has a happy ending after a series of climatic events. I would recommend this book to anyone that feels discouraged in the face of tragedy, lost or just life.

I have learned in this life that no matter what you are going through in life there is always a great cloud of witnesses that can demonstrate the goodness of the Lord through their journey. The Scruggs family is included in that great cloud. What he does for one he will do for another. Jul 08, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. Still Lolo is a true story about a woman named Lauren told from the perspectives of not only the author, but also her parents and sister.

Though the divorce was hard on the girls, they knew their parents truly loved them and that fact made the situation more bearable for them. Like most children, Lauren and her sister never gave up hope that their parents would remarry. When the girls were older, their dream came true and the split family became whole again. Lauren and her sister grew up and headed off to college. Lauren, who was the creative one in the family, went into the fashion world and started her own magazine that had topics of interest to her: fashion, health, beauty, etc.

When all seemed to be going well for Lauren, tragedy struck! Thankfully, she survived the accident, but she lost one eye and hand. Dec 26, Linda Walters rated it really liked it. I really liked this book and was so relieved that all the gory, bloody details of the actual accident were NOT gone into great detail. Personally, I can't handle that kind of information; but there was a lot of information about life as a family BEFORE the accident which I didn't really expect but did enjoy. It gave you a chance to really know each person as well as you can from reading many of their views on life as they saw it.

The words that really gripped me where her life was forever change I really liked this book and was so relieved that all the gory, bloody details of the actual accident were NOT gone into great detail. The words that really gripped me where her life was forever changed by a sixteenth of an inch of steel. What followed was a challenge not only to her physical life but also spiritual and emotional health as well.

She beat a lot of odds that were against her and is now even more able to encourage, and touch others with the love of God. I know I hadn't heard of her before this happened but now her influence has increased and like she wrote in several places- we were built for hope my paraphrase Oh did I mention that Lauren is a fashion journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief of LOLO Magazine, an online lifestyle experience magazine that covers food, fashion beauty, health and travel industries?

You can view info on the magazine at Lolo Magazine Yep, she's a fighter! To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, I am stating that Tyndale House Publishers has given me a complimentary copy of this book. Jun 04, Lindsay A. An autobiographical first person retelling of the life of Lauren Scruggs and her family, "Still Lolo" was written in an easy to read format, very conversational.

I did find it interesting how each chapter was told from a family member's perspective: most often from Lauren's, but quite a few times from her mom or dad and once or twice from the point of view of her twin sister, Brittany. Although this is mainly their retelling of Lauren's accident of walking into a plane's propeller a few years bac An autobiographical first person retelling of the life of Lauren Scruggs and her family, "Still Lolo" was written in an easy to read format, very conversational.

Although this is mainly their retelling of Lauren's accident of walking into a plane's propeller a few years back, her parents actually go even farther back in telling about their own relationship: marriage, divorce and reconciliation, and how that impacted their daughters' lives and in some ways prepared them for this time of trials. However, the reason I'm only giving this an average rating is because there is also a lot of unnecessary "fluff" in the book. Maybe that's to be expected when a woman in her early twenties is writing an autobiography, but I just felt like all the name dropping and mentions of every single boy she dated or thought was cute was excessive, self-involved, and distracting.

I would not say this is a very inspirational book, but I'm sure many people would enjoy it. My favorite part was the last few chapters of the book where Lauren and her family describe life after the accident and how Lauren did discover some real meaning in her life and perhaps more clearly found her true Source of strength. Mar 26, Denise DiFalco rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Not only was she a natural beauty but she would have to summon up all her inward spiritual beauty to survive a horrendous accident where an airplane's propellars cut off her hand and disfigured her face.

Ironically her career centered around appearance. The rich Christian stories of faith that her parent's taught her would now become her comfort and hope. A few weeks prior t s the founder of LOLO Magazine little did the very gorgeous, Lauren Scruggs know what was awaiting her in the near future. A few weeks prior to the accident after breaking up with her boyfriend James, he had a premonition that something awful was going to happen and he begged her to be careful.