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This brief paper analyzes the signs of recovery in several countries in the Latin American region while pointing out the gaps in the formal labor market indicators that evidence the unequal economic prospects for women.

The authors stress the need for public policy measures to facilitate work and family life for men and women, particularly among the population living in poverty that is overwhelmingly represented by children and single parent households. Policy-makers in Asia tend to see the global recession as a mere blip in a process of continuing and dynamic economic growth.

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However, as this brief explores, the crisis has had a significant impact on women in many Asian countries in terms of their varied but overlapping roles as paid workers, self-employed workers, unpaid workers, members of households, and citizens with rights and individuals with needs, wants and aspirations.

The negative trends of the global economic and financial crisis remained in Central Asia throughout The impacts of the crisis on women including rising unemployment, migration, wage discrimination or lack of basic social protection in the female-intensive garment industry have not been addressed by governments in the region.

This updated edition expands the original analysis through an in-depth case study on Greece and a series of interviews with women rights activists from around Europe The paper also discusses further trends with a feminist perspective such as the growing divide between North and South Europe, the lack of trust in the EU, increased racism and difficulties for migrants around fears of social unrest. In all countries in Eastern Europe, poverty is highest among children and youth.

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Young women and men are the hardest hit due to the privatization of education, housing, and flexibilization of labor markets. A new category of the working poor has emerged: those barely surviving and with no chance of accumulating savings for future pensions. They are also causing crises in the largely invisible unpaid care economy, where women bear the brunt of the unpaid work burden.

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  8. Government responses thus far have largely favored male job retention and creation. In light of these considerations, the authors propose direct job creation and female-targeted transfer payments to help ease the impact of these crises on groups that are falling largely outside of the response efforts to date. The potential impact on women in the context of the economic recovery, hinges on the policy space and commitment of African governments to address the structural weaknesses of their economies, which existed even before the global systemic crisis and hindered the potential of growth to create more equitable societies.

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    In order to develop responses to the crisis that are grounded in the lived experiences of women affected by the crisis across the globe, this cross-regional update highlights the impacts across and within regions. The global crises has contributed to exacerbating an already deteriorated context in the Arab region which is marked by political repression, lack of democracy, economic and social marginalization, and human rights violations.

    The global financial crisis received world-wide attention in mid, amidst signs of increasing distress.

    The authors of this brief address the impact of the global financial crisis in the context of the Caribbean. The author of this brief examines how the current and potential impacts of the global financial crisis needs to be understood within an already difficult West African context. Describe the connection issue.

    A project by the center for Women's Global Leadership

    SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Women, gender, and human rights : a global perspective. Physical description viii, p. Online Available online. Full view. Green Library.

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    Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Summary The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights expresses the credo that all human beings are created free and equal. But not until did the United Nations declare women's rights to be human rights, and bring gender issues into the global arena for the first time.

    Women, Gender, and Human Rights: A Global Perspective

    The subordination of indigenous and minority women, ethnic cleansing, and the struggle for reproductive rights are some of the most pressing issues facing women worldwide. This work is a collection of essays encompassing a global perspective on women and a wide range of issues, including political and domestic violence, education, literacy, and reproductive rights.